About Us

Here at BrandMyThingy.com we may look like a normal promotional products distributor but… see what you think:

Whilst we are helping you with your orders for branded products to support your marketing campaigns,  there is a lot more going on behind the scenes… and there is something very special about the way we do business.

Supporting Active Travel for Children

You see, Brand My Thingy was set up to not only supply great products but to provide an income to help support Brightkidz projects promoting safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for children.
And who are Brightkidz? Well, that’s us too… all under the banner of our company name Safe Kids Walking Ltd. After setting up our own local walk to school scheme over 16 years ago and finding there was a lack of resources and support, we founded Brightkidz as a not-for-profit social enterprise. We now provide information, products and do projects to help schools and local authorities make their active travel campaigns a success. 
Experience with Promotional Products
So for over 16 years we’ve been helping customers with campaigns… are you starting to see the connection with what you need? We built up a lot of experience helping them to find the right product and right design to make their campaigns eye-catching and effective. (In fact, REALLY eye-catching as a lot of the products we sold were fluorescent and reflective as many were for road safety campaigns).
See the thing is, by now we were supplying lots of promotional products – not just for kids, not just bright things and not just for road safety and active travel campaigns, but for anyone and any campaign. 
We realised we needed to give this side of our social enterprise a new name which would attract the right audience (that’s you – grown ups in businesses and other organisations). A lot of the time you may not know what you want – ‘some sort of what-do-you-call-it or thingy-me-bob’ – so we help you choose the best product for your needs.
Brand My... What?
So Lance, who leads this side, suddenly had a idea… ‘Brand My Thingy’ as the name for our custom printed general promotional products offering. If you don’t know the name of what you want it doesn’t matter because we will help. And of course, the best thing about the name is you can guarantee that most people smile when they hear it!
About Social Enterprise
I’ve mentioned ‘social enterprise’ quite a bit and we are really proud to be listed in the NatWest SE100 index of the UK’s top social enterprises for the second year in a row. Social enterprises are businesses set up with a social mission at their core, profits are locked in (don’t worry we still get paid!!) and most income is earned (unlike charities we don’t depend on grants and donations). 
Helping Your Business to be Good
All businesses can be good businesses – whether they are ‘for profit’ or ‘not for profit’. A lot of the ‘good’ can come from the decisions you make in running your business. So by buying from us you are doing some good too – it’s called ‘social procurement’; the money you spend has real impact. You can even write the fact you buy from social enterprises into your CSR policy! The folks at Social Enterprise UK can tell you more about that and the Buy Social campaign.
Find Out More
If you’d like to learn more about us  and our work, or see our Brightkidz specialist range of active travel promotion products, check out our other website at www.brightkidz.co.uk
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